Cardiovascular disease

 Seven tips to protect yourself from heart disease

protect yourself from

Cardiovascular disease

Heart disease is a big word that includes many diseases. Such as irregular heartbeat and weakness of the heart muscles. And the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, congenital heart defects, heart and arterial diseases, and many other diseases.

Fortunately, making some lifestyle changes greatly helps in treating and preventing heart disease. Therefore, in this topic, we will provide some tips that help prevent heart disease, which are:

First: To protect against heart disease and arteries, you must stop smoking.

Smoking is one of the worst habits that humans have acquired because it carries many dangers to health and the body. It leads to heart disease and blood pressure diseases, reduces the body’s immunity and strength, and makes it easy to contract many serious diseases, including cancer and cholesterol.

A study published that smoking increases the risk of heart disease by 56% to 59%. Therefore, we advise our followers to stop smoking immediately to protect against serious diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Second: To protect against heart and arterial diseases, the activity must be maintained.

Maintaining activity is one of the secrets that help protect against heart disease and many other diseases. Therefore, we recommend that you do exercise on a daily basis and make it a daily habit for at least half an hour a day. Sports and activity not only help protect against heart disease, but also contribute to improving mood, improving sleep, raising energy in the body, relaxing and feeling more happy.

Third: To protect against heart and arterial diseases, an ideal weight must be maintained.

Obesity is one of the main causes of heart diseases, blood pressure diseases and many other diseases.

Therefore, it is very important for those who want to prevent heart disease to maintain their ideal weight. And to get rid of the rumen and abdominal obesity in particular because it is dangerous to health, and this is done with a balanced diet in which vegetables and fruits abound at the expense of fatty foods rich in calories. Exercise should also be done daily until the desired weight is reached, and it is preferable to consult a specialist doctor to help lose weight quickly.

Fourth: To protect against heart disease and arteries, you should eat oily fish.

Oily fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids that help protect the heart from diseases, blood pressure diseases and prevent clogged arteries. Therefore, we recommend eating oily fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines and others at least twice a week to ensure that the body has absorbed all the necessary nutrients.

Fifth: To protect against heart and arterial diseases, tests must be done.

It is necessary to carry out tests on an ongoing basis to ensure the health of the heart, which includes tests for cholesterol, body mass, triglycerides, blood pressure, and body weight control must also be done, because maintaining the ideal measurements for all previous analyzes ensures that the body remains healthy and protects against heart disease.

Sixth: To protect against heart and arterial diseases, salt intake should be reduced.

It is necessary to reduce salt intake to maintain blood pressure and avoid its rise, and thus avoid heart disease. It is recommended to eat less than 2.3 grams of salt per day to maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure.

Seventh: To protect against heart disease and arteries, you must follow a daily diet.

Doctors point out that a balanced diet is the reason for maintaining a healthy heart and maintaining a healthy body, avoiding eating fats, ready-made and canned foods, focusing on eating healthy food and making it a daily habit, and cooking food at home.


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