Most Bizarre Sleep Disorders

 Most Bizarre Sleep Disorders

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Sleep is supposed to be quiet when the mind and body relaxation experience. However, some people actually have or do strange things during their sleep. Strange things can start to eat while a sleep having sex while a sleep.

The following are the most bizarre sleep disorders:

1. Sexsomnia, Sex While Sleeping

Sexsomnia is sexual activity while asleep. Forms of behavior range from sexual sigh issued, and masturbation, to sexual violence or rape. A study published in 2007 in the journal Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, said that lack of sleep, stress, alcohol, drugs, and physical contact with a pair of sleep can trigger sexsomnia.

2. Eat while sleeping

People who experience this disorder still eat at night and woke up the next morning without being able to remember what they did last night. Some sufferers even engage in activities that may harm themselves by cutting food or stove. The disorder is not fully understood. Drugs that increase dopamine can help stop this interference.

3. REM behavior disorder

Sometimes, the brain signals the body to respond less to remain silent during sleep. When that happens, people act according to their dream, yelling, hitting, kicking, and even going out of bed and running around. When awake, they are usually able to remember their dream but did not remember their actions. REM behavior disorder is most common in older adults. Doctors usually treat the disorder with drugs that can reduce REM sleep and calm the body.

4. Sleep paralysis

During the REM sleep phase, increased dream activity and the muscular body do not move. This paralysis prevents the body acts like a dream and hurting itself. Sometimes, it still suffered paralysis after waking from sleep. We realize that being awake, but could not move the body.

5. Exploding head syndrome

This disruption occurs during early sleep and one wakes up suddenly startled by a loud noise. The voices are an audible range of cymbal sound to the sound of explosions. Heard the sound of explosions that seem to come right next to the head or inside the skull. This disorder does not cause pain and is harmless. Until now, doctors do not know what causes this disorder. But this disorder is known to be associated with serious diseases.

6. Hallucinations

All people must have seen strange things in his dream. But this hallucination is experienced when not dreaming. Hypnagogic hallucinations occur during the phase transition from waking to sleep phase. Hypnopompic hallucinations occur during waking. People who experience these hallucinations claimed to hear voices, feel the appearance of a ghost, or strange seeing people or objects in the room.

7. Night terrors

This disorder is characterized by the behavior of screaming, thrashing, and feeling panic. Unlike nightmares that occur during the REM phase of sleep, night terrors occur during the non-REM sleep phase and usually occur early in the evening. This disorder is most common among children. Those who have experienced terror can sit up suddenly and their eyes open, but are not seen. Sufferers often yell or scream, and can not be awakened or comforted. In some cases, night terrors with sleepwalking behavior.

8. Sleepwalking

As many as 15 percent of adults sometimes get up and amble around the house while they sleep. In children, the numbers are even more. No one knows what causes this disorder. Stress and insomnia are considered to trigger factors. It may be that the cause is genetic. People who have close relatives who experience sleepwalking are 10 times more likely to sleepwalk than most people.


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