Health Benefits Of Dates

Health Benefits Of Dates

Dates may have been familiar in the ears of our society. As information, the origin of the first dates was found in the river Nile and the Euphrates. Behind the sweetness of the dates proved to have an efficacious property for human health.

Health Benefits Of Dates

Sweet content in dates can recharge the body's energy. Therefore, it is a suitable date the start fasting. Because the fruit that grows in the Middle East is so rich in benefits, such as protein, fiber, glucose, Vitamin A and C, sodium, and potassium. When the stomach is empty of food, then the dates will be easy to digest and absorb as they contain sugar that is good for the human body.

Here are some dates for the health benefits as the result of research scientists:

1. Assist the growth of bone from calcium deficiency.

2. Treat anemia.

3. enhance the vitality

4. Prevent the body from bacteria and cancer.

5. Overcoming rheumatism.

6. Streamlining the urinary tract.

7. Prevent and treat stroke.

8. Adding to the child's weight.

9. Increase platelets in the blood and tackle dengue.

10. Slow the aging body.

11. Nurture of myopia.


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