Activities That Can Increase Height

Activities That Can Increase Height

We all would like to have a proportionate body shape and ideal. Especially in the height, I'm sure if most of us want to have an ideal height. Just info is actually in the body elevate, we are able to elevate our bodies to limit the age of 21 years.

Activities That Can Increase Height

However, this is not all that valid. This is because many strange foods and not good for the body to be eaten by us. This makes us disturbed and hormones make us the ideal height increment and fast only to the extent the age of 19 years.

1. Eat nutritious foods (calcium)

Eat nutritious foods that contain calcium. Do not be too much taking calcium supplements because it would be bad old days of (thickening of the bone recognition). Continue to eat what? drinking milk and eating high calcium foods such as cheese and others

2. Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back and sleep as comfortable as possible. Do not use a pillow. Not wearing bolsters. It must be guaranteed your height will increase drastically.

3. Sport

You have a lot to do this activity. Especially in a sport that can drastically raise the stature such as swimming, skipping, basketball, and much more.

4. Morning gymnastics

Doing exercises with ease. Why? Because it casually, you will feel the maximum effect of this activity. The activity of what is meant?, morning gymnastic activities, especially in increasing the flexibility of the body. If you can not perform the activity less flexibility, you can do yoga in the morning


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