Fight Anemia In Children

10 Iron-Rich Foods That Fight Anemia In Children

Anemia in children is not at all rare, especially since we know that little ones often have food preferences, they reject some dishes, even their tastes change and they end up not liking some of their favorite foods. So, it is quite easy for little ones to go through some nutritional disorders, including iron deficiency (iron deficiency anemia). We invite you to discover some food sources that are likely to be liked by children and that are also rich in iron.

Why is iron intake from food important?

Iron is a particularly important element in our body, which mainly enters into the composition of hemoglobin. This, in turn, enters into the composition of red blood cells and has 2 particularly important roles: it brings oxygen to the cells and takes carbon dioxide from them, which it transports to the lungs, where it will be released into the environment through exhalation.

So iron is essential for cell respiration, without which it could not function optimally. This is precisely why the various symptoms of anemia are explained, which practically cover the functions of all organs, because all cells suffer: decreased immunity, hair loss, growth disorders, asthenia and fatigue, attention and memory disorders, drowsiness, etc.


How much iron do children need?

  • infants 7-12 months, 11 mg
  • small children aged 1-3 years, 7 mg
  • children aged 4-8 years, 10 mg

Heme and non-heme iron

Heme iron is the one we absorb very quickly and it generally comes from animal foods: meat is the richest food in heme iron.

The non-heme iron comes from vegetables, but to become absorbable, it is necessary that in the stomach, in the presence of hydrochloric acid, there is also vitamin C, to change the valence of the non-heme iron, so that it can be absorbed in the organism. Therefore, if the child consumes vegetable preparations rich in iron, it is good to combine them with fruit or lemon juice (they contain vitamin C).

Food sources of iron for children: tasty and healthy foods

Foods rich in iron: Breakfast cereals

Cereals, especially if pre-hydrated, are a good source of iron for children. Moreover, many ready-made kinds of cereal for children are fortified with iron.

Foods rich in iron: Meat

Meat contains heme iron, making it an excellent source of this mineral. Red meat is the richest in iron, and white meat contains smaller amounts of this mineral.

Children can eat meat in different forms: in soups, dishes, sausages, meatballs, sausages, or even in the pie.

Foods rich in iron: Peanut butter

Peanuts contain iron, and peanut butter is particularly tasty and can be eaten directly on a slice of bread or in various dishes, as it can replace ordinary butter and can be useful in making biscuits, cakes, or creams.

Foods rich in iron: Green leafy vegetables

It is true that quite a few children eat green leafy vegetables as such, but they may like smoothie nets, where we can squeeze a leaf. Or maybe they think the spinach pie is delicious, or the pork belly.

Mothers have a tough job when it comes to cooking to their children's taste because they are always trying different dishes to find the ones that are successful.

Foods rich in iron: Cruciferous vegetables

Cabbage and broccoli are delicious sources of iron. Maybe older kids like sarmales or other cabbage dishes, and little ones can enjoy the delicious taste of steamed broccoli.

Foods rich in iron: Beans

Beans contain iron, but it is recommended to hydrate them first until the skin of the bean bowl no longer shows wrinkles. Hydration is particularly important for the removal of some substances contained in the bowl of beans and which have the role of inhibiting the absorption of some nutrients from these grains. So, after rehydration, you can cook the beans however you like. Some children love them, either in soups or in various recipes.

Foods rich in iron: Eggs

The egg is an ideal source of food, containing many nutrients necessary for the growth and development of children. The egg contains the best proteins (class I proteins), but it is also a true source of iron.

Foods rich in iron: Fish

Fish meat is rich in nutrients and omega-fatty acids, and some species of fish also contain a higher iron content. The most famous are salmon and mackerel, but also tuna. You can prepare grilled fish, fish meatballs, and fish soup for children.

Foods rich in iron: Nuts

Nuts, but also pistachios, and cashews are rich in iron. They also contain healthy oils for the body, in addition to being very pleasant to taste.


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